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Definitions, Causes And Factors Affecting Accidents

According to Pheasant (1991) an accident is ' an unplanned unforeseen or uncontrolled event; generally one that has unhappy consequences'.

Causes of accidents -

Accidents are caused by either:
  • Unsafe behaviors
  • Unsafe systems

  • An example of how both can be involved is work areas is provided by Roberts and Holly (1996). They found that the basic causes of accidents in hospital settings are -
  • Inadequate work standards: through a lack of training and supervision.
  • Inadequate equipment or maintenance of equipment
  • Abuse or misuse of equipment, or failure to check equipment.
  • Lack of knowledge (for example in not being able to use equipment correctly).
  • Inadequate physical or mental capacity to do the required job.
  • Mental or physical stress
  • Improper motivation (e.g. Dr Shipman)

  • Read the full article Here for the rest of this informative post.
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